Children are the future of our world.

Anyone who wishes to achieve long-term changes, will have to think of the future and plan accordingly. That is why for us, at the Alavanyo Society, child sponsorships are the main focus. With 30,00 EURO per month only, you can support a child, its family and its social surrounding in the most important humanitarian areas:

Medical care
Child care and upbringing
Education and professional training

Accordingly, with your donations you will help to improve the living conditions of these children to a great extent.

Help from human being to human being.
With a child sponsorship your help is useful, active and most of all personal. Because during the entire duration of the project you will have the opportunity to keep in contact with your godchild and his/her family. You can write letters to each other, and we will keep you informed about his/her progress. You will see how your money what will be done with your money and at the same time you will learn many interesting things about life in a developing country. You may wish to visit your godchild - the Alavanyo Society is pleased to assist you with any questions regarding this topic. By the way: Child sponsorship is not a lifetime obligation. You can terminate the sponsorship at any time and without giving any reasons.

An investment for life.
Your monthly contribution means more than just short-term financial help for your godchild. The objective of our work is the independence of the individual families and to enable them to provide for themselves even when the project is over. Of course the project also helps those children who have not been admitted to the sponsorship programme.

How to become a sponsor.
Simply fill in our form for a child sponsorship. You will then receive detailed information material as well as a proposition for a child sponsorship without any obligation on your part.