The purpose of the society is to exclusively and directly pursue its charitable, non-profit-making aims (Cl. 52 AO), i.e. to support foreign aid in the Volta region in Ghana, in particular in the area of ALAVANYO with measures for improving the infrastructure, such as water and energy supplies, road-building, the health system, education and professional training, educational institutions such as colleges and schools in close collaboration with the responsible local official bodies. Connected with this our objective is also to improve international understanding by forming partnerships to encourage cultural, social and human relations between the German and Ghanaian peoples.

As part of its work, the society also supports exchange programmes for German and Ghanaian pupils and apprentices, doctors and health workers, skilled craftsmen and technicians, artists and others who are interested in helping to encourage international relationships. The society's funds may only be used for purposes stipulated by the statutes

All people holding offices in the society work on a voluntary basis. No expenses are allowed which are alien to the purpose of the society and no-one should be favoured by unreasonably high remunerations.

The female inhabitants in ALAVANYO often work for up to eighteen hours per day because there is no water supply and the water has to be carried over long distances. Long treks on foot of up to several hours are not unusual. For this reason the water supply as well as road-building and the setting up of a health system in the area have top priority. This is not possible without financial backing which we wish to collect through donations.


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